Genealogy of NAQSYABANDIYAH Tariqa


NAQSYABANDIYAH TARIQA is an esoteric dimension of Islam. It is a divine knowledge that sourced from ALLAH SWT through GABRIEL U.S poured to the holy heart of PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW.

Then poured to:

  1. Sayyidina Abu Bakar As-Shiddiq Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu (r.a.). The title As-Shiddiq means true and justifies the truth, and implements that truth in words and deeds, physically and mentally. He was the first caliph of Khulafaur Rasyidin. From him poured to,
  2. Sayyidina Salman Al-Farisi r.a. He was the main and a noble companion of Prophet Muhammad SAW and was well-known as a Sufi figure and well-known as a figure in the Natural Sciences, Sciences of Falak. From him descended to,
  3. Al-Imam Sayyidina Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr As-Siddiq r.a. From him down to,
  4. Al-Imam Sayyidina Ja’far As-Sadiq r.a. Imam Ja’far is the grandson of Sayyidina Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakar As-Shiddiq ra. He is well known as a fiqh expert and because of his expertise, as well as his truth and holiness, he is highly respected. From him poured to,
  5. Al ‘Arif Billah Sultanul Arifin Ash-Shaykh Thaifur bin Isa ibn Adam ibn Sarusyan, who was recognized as Ash-Shaykh Abu Yazid Al-Busthami quddisa sirruhu (qs) The title Sultanul Arifin means the king of people of knowledge, one who knows, priest of sufism, the great leader of mysticism. He was one of Grand Masters of this tariqa, from him poured to,
  6. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali ibn Abu Ja’far Al-Kharqani q.s. His specialty is that he is very much in love with Allah and His Messenger, and from him descended to the leader of all qutub, namely to,
  7. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Abu Ali Al-Fadhal bin Muhammad Ath-Thusi Al-Farimadi q.s. from him poured to the saint of Allah,
  8. Al ‘Arif billah Ash-Shaykh Abu Yakub Yusuf AI-Hamadani bin Ayyub bin Yusuf bin AI-Husain q.s. From him poured to the saint of Allah, namely:
  9. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Abdul Khaliq AI-Ghujdawani Ibn Al-Imam Abdul Jamil q.s. His lineage went up to Al-Imam Malik bin Anas ra. From him poured to the Qutub all saints of God, that is,
  10. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Ar-Riwakri q.s. From him down to the servant of God, the leader of all the syaikhs, that is,
  11. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Mahmud Al-Anjir Faghnawi q.s. He is a saint of God who had nature and perfect temperament in demanding Allah’s blessing and perfect longing to Allah Azza Wajalla. From him poured to the saint whose love is vey much to his Lord al-Ghani, that is,
  12. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Shaykh Ali Ar-Ramitani, whose name is known as Asy-Shaykh Azizan q.s. From him down to his student who are very high in the knowledge of the tariqa and its devine, the prominent of all the saints of Allah, that is,
  13. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Baba As-Samasi q.s. He is always in perfect syuhud to God and he is the leader of all the saints of Allah. Sheikh Muhammad Baba As Samasi q.s lived in one time with Ash-Shaykh Ali Ar-Ramitani and with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jaelani q.s. From him descended to the great king and Sayyid, leaders of all the saints, that is,
  14. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Sayyid Amir Kulal bin Sayyid Hamzah q.s.Shaykh Sayyid Amir Kulal had the title of Sayyid that means He had a royal descent, and he was a master of essence knowledge. From him poured to the famous and prosperous saint of Allah, is the Imam of the Naqshbandiyah Tariqa, whose name is famous as the Shah Naqshaband, that is,
  15. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy Shaykh As Sayyid Bahauddin Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad Asy Sharif Al Husaini Al Hasani Al Uwaisi Al Bukhari q.s. He laid the foundations of sirri qalbi Dzikir, that chanted whitout any voice and move of a part of body, and he laid the purity of worship solely always to Allah, illustrated in his prayers taught to his students “Ilahi anta makshuudii waridhaaka mathluubii “. Purely continuing the Tariqatus Sirriyah of the Rasulullah era, the Tariqatul Ubudiyah of the Abu Bakar Siddiq era and the Tariqatus Siddiqiyah of the Salman al-Farisi era. He was very famous with his sacred and prosperous with his wealth, again famous as the great saint and saint of qutub al-afdhal, who is very high in knowledge and ma’rifa. And from him poured to,
  16. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Al-Bukhari Al-Khawarizmi who was given name Asy-Shaykh Alaudin AI-Aththar q.s. From him poured to the god’s saint, that is,
  17. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Ya’qub Al-Charkhi q.s. From him poured to the great syaikh, that is,
  18. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Nashiruddin Ubaidullah Al-Ahrar As-Samarqandi bin Mahmud bin Sihabuddin q.s. From him down to the righteous king, and the leader of all the masters, that is,
  19. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Az-Zahid q.s. From him down to his sister’s daughter who has a great secret knowledge and high dignity, that is,
  20. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Darwis Muhammad Samarqandi q.s. From him down to his son was a great king of saints, who was more gentle in his words, that is,
  21. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khawajaki Al-Amkanagi As-Samarqandi q.s. From him down to the guardian of Allah who is Qutub in his era, that is,
  22. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muayyiddin Muhammad Al-Baqi Billah q.s. From him down to the descendant of Amirul Mukminin Sayyidina Umar Al Faruq r.a, that is,
  23. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Ahmad Al-Faruqi As-Sirhindi q.s. whose name is famous as Al-Imam Ar-Rabbani Al-Mujaddid fi Alfi Ats-Tsani. From him down to his son and his student, who keep his secret knowledge, that is,
  24. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Ma’ sum q.s. From him down to his son, namely Sultanul Aulia,
  25. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Syaifuddin q.s. who shines spiritually. From him down to a noble Sharif, that is,
  26. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Ash-Sharif Nur Muhammad Al-Badwani q.s. From him down to the guardian of Allah who is high in rank, manifestly sacred, that is,
  27. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Syamsuddin Habibullah Jan-Janani,s. From him down to the heads of all the masters, heads of all the caliphs and chiefs of all the saints of Allah, namely ‘
  28. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Abdullah Ad-Dahlawi q.s. and it was Shaykh Abdullah whose lineage of inner knowledge also reached to Amir al-Mu’minin Sayyidina Ali ibn Abi Talib Karamallahu Wajhahu. From him down to,
  29. Al ‘Arif Billah Maulana Dzul Janahain Ash-Shaykh Dhiyauddin Khalid Al-Uthmani Al-Baghdadi q.s. He is the descendant of Amir al-Mu’minin Sayyidina Usman bin Affan r.a. He is a great Shaykh, reformer, Tariqa Naqshbandiyah expert, perfected in fana, baqa, who in mysticism became the head of all the saint From him down to the beloved of Allah who ascended to the Devine World and was very loving to Allah Ta’ala, was the head of all the masters in the country Makkah al Musyarrafah, namely,
  30. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Isma’il Al-Barusi qs. From him down to the head of all the saints who has a real sacred, that is,
  31. Al ‘Arif Billah Sirajul Millah Waddin Ash-Shaykh Abdullah Al-Afandi q.s. From him down to the head of all the saints who has a real sacred, that is,
  32. Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Sulaiman Al-Qirmi q.s. From him the secret knowledge descend to his pious son-in-law , who always recites and muraqabah, being in state baqa billah day and night, namely,
  33. Mursyiduna, Warabiituna, Wa Maulana, Al ‘Arif Billah Sayyidi Sheikh Sulaiman Az-Zuhdi q.s. From him down to his pious student, who always in muraqabah, baqa billah state all day and night, namely,
  34. Mursyiduna, wa Rabiituna, wa Maulana, Al ‘Arif Billah Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Hadi qs, Mranggen, Demak. from him poured to his main student, that is,
  35. Al ‘Arif Billah Asy-Shaykh Abdul Karim qs. Temanggung, Central Java. From him, this golden chain went to his noble student, and spiritual son,
  36. Hadzatrus Syekh Muhammad Nahrowi, QS. He is so inevitable and clear in his karamah and high secret He was hidden scholars who emit the Light of Al-Haq. Allahummanfa’na bi ‘ulumihi warzuqna bibarokatihi, Amiiin .. he entrusted his spiritual lineage to his beloved son, Al-Arif, Al-Baqi Billah, that is,
  37. Mursyiduna, wa Rabiituna, wa Maulana, Al ’Arif Billah Hadzrat Asy-Sheikh Muhammad Irfa’i Nahrowi q.s. he was so gentle in his guidance, so clear in the direction. Every words of him is the light that shines on the hearts of seekers. He is the kiblat of spritual face turn of thousands of salik who traversing the spiritual ascending, hoping their Rabb’s faidl. He settled in PP. Kasepuhan Qoshrul Arifin, Atas Angin, Darmacaang, Kec. Cikoneng, Kab. Ciamis, West Java.


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